Sight-Sound-Smell, Do you have an electrical problem?

Jeff discusses common house electrical problems with Brittany Price and Living Local at WHBF Studios.

Video - Ding Dong

Don't be a Dave, call Electric Doctor for all your electrical repairs

Stand By Generators Types

Stand by generator types explained for Living Local with Brittany Price of WHBF In our showroom.

Video - Ladder Mishap

Don't be a Dave, call Electric Doctor for your electrical repairs

Video - Dimmer Switch Gets Best of Dave

Dave repairs dimmer switch, maybe?

Extension Cord Safety

Check out this great video on proper extension cord selection

Generator Mainteneance

Best way to make sure your home standby generator is ready when you are!

Generator Sale Video

Great Price! Call Now...

Video - Breaker Breaker

Mom knows best you know!

Video - I'll Just Call Electric Doctor

She REALLY doesn't trust Dave does she???

Video - Ceiling Fan Advertisement

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Cool Arcing Electrical Outlet

Check out this great video!

Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

Federal Pacific Electrical Panel Dangers Explained

Electric Doctor Advertisement - Switch Out

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Attic Ventilation

Vintage Electric Doctor Advertising